Sarah + Jonathan

These are some of the most precious moments in life. Sarah + Jon’s wedding at their family estate in Chillmark was filled with too much joy to describe.



“Here are a few spoilers to our fairytale movie.” The opening to this film came together so naturally, all centered around Tony’s vows to Ly. It truly felt like I was editing a romantic movie - just like he said.


Alanna + Devon

Alanna + Devon threw an incredible celebration in their hometown of Nashville. From their intimate vows - to the afterparty at a rooftop club - it was a day packed with love for each other and their people. 

Meet Tristan, founder of Estoria Wedding Films. Tristan’s love for wedding filmmaking began when he was 18 years old, accompanying two friends taking photos at a destination wedding on Block Island. With a background in commercial film production, he knew the power of storytelling, but had never experienced it in such a meaningful way. After that weekend, he knew he was going to spend his life pursuing wedding filmmaking.

"Very early in my career, I found my parents wedding film in a box at my grandmother’s home. I was struck by the simplicity and timelessness of their video. It was purely them and their wedding day - no distracting music that became corny and no crazy editing. It was a perfect preservation of the way their wedding day felt. That was a hugely impactful moment for me, and became the foundation for my style of filmmaking."

Our story..

We film not just to remember pretty things - but to preserve the feeling of your wedding day. The moments that matter most are sometimes the ones that aren’t planned, and we’re always looking to capture the audio and video of those intricate moments that make you who are. 

The romance of flickering candles, the way the sun feels shining through the window, the crisp air making the trees sway. 
All those tiny elements come together to take you back to that day every time you watch your wedding film. 

Our vision..

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Let's memorialize your story.